Sign & Metal Restoration Services

Clear Metal Restorer

There is nothing else like this CLEAR SURFACE RESTORER! This protective coating prevents the oxidation or corrision of the surface to which it is applied. It also rejuvenates existing paint coatings that are failing due to corrosive attack by the sun (UV), air and/ or water, causing pitting and oxidation of the the paint. It is a unique clear coat formula that protects all types of surfaces. Door & Window Mullion Restoration

  • Reduces maintenance costs for businesses
  • Won't crack, chip or peel
  • Protects all types of painted and unpainted metal & wood
  • Works great on Window & Door Mullions!
  • It's a clear coat and thus will not yellow over time
  • It protects and preserves your investment in equipment and property: it can alos reduce replacement costs
  • It is a VOC compliant
  • Bring the color back in your Marquee Signs

Color Metal Restorer

The COLOR SURFACE RESTORER is another unique protective coating combining the protection and properties of the Clear Surface Restorer with a color tint to match your application. It will restore your damaged or corroded paint finishes.

It can be applied on nearly all painted and unpatinted surfaces. Give us a call for further infomation regarding the various applicaitons of this incredible product.Sign Marquee Restoration

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