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Keeping Interiors Safe & CleanAntimicrobial Paints

Protecting people from harmful microbes in today’s public environments requires a diligent, multi-layered approach. Strict personal hygiene and janitorial standards provide a critical first line of defense against microbes but a truly effective strategy must extend well beyond basic cleanliness. Invisible microbes on interior surfaces must also be thoroughly controlled to help prevent them from spreading.

New SurfaGuard™ protective antimicrobial paints provide that extra defensive shield against bacteria, molds, and fungi. SurfaGuard™ with SmartSilver™ antimicrobial performance combines the very latest in cutting edge nanotechnology with the power of silver, one of the oldest, non-toxic antimicrobials known to man.

SurfaGuard™ puts the natural power of silver to work against microbes. Bacteria simply can’t survive in the presence of silver ions. SurfaGuard’s proprietary formulation with SmartSilver’s nanotechnology binds silver particles permanently to painted surfaces where they continuously emit silver ions that attack microbes on contact.

SurfaGuard™ protects interior walls safely without the use of harmful chemicals or hazardous poisons. SurfaGuard™ works constantly and requires no special maintenance. The paint’s antimicrobial protection won’t wear off, wash off, or become deactivated, diluted or neutralized. SurfaGuard’s SmartSilver™ antimicrobial protection lasts for the life of the paint.

SurfaGuard™ Keeps Walls Safe & Clean & Odor-Free

SurfaGuard™ protective antimicrobial paints not only keep bacteria, molds, and fungi under control but also prevent the odor buildup and discoloration these microbes can cause. So not only does SurfaGuard™ protect the interior spaces, it keeps on working and looking great longer than competing brands.

The Low Maintenance Option

Any surface protected by SurfaGuard™ is easy to care for because it is scrub and stain resistant and will not react with detergents or other cleaning agents. Walls painted with SurfaGuard™ simply stay cleaner--visibly and microscopically-- longer.

Engineered and produced in the USA, SurfaGuard™ antimicrobial paints and coatings are available exclusively from Jamestown Coating Technologies.

Surfa Guard™ Safer in So Many Ways

In addition to providing safe, effective antimicrobial protection, SurfaGuard™ offers a water-based formulation that is safer for the people who apply the paint and does not leave an overwhelming new-paint smell for those who need to live or work in the environment.

  • Low VOC emissions
  • Low odor
  • High flashpoint (above 220oF )

Plus SurfaGuard™ is easy to apply, adheres well to surfaces, has excellent block resistance and superior in-can stability.

Rooms Look Beautiful, Too

We didn’t forget that people want rooms that are appealing and attractive as well as safe and clean. SurfaGuard™ protective antimicrobial paints come in a variety of colors to complement any interior design plan. SurfaGuard’s special formulation results in smoother, glossier finishes than other products. And SurfaGuard’s enhanced durability makes sure rooms remain comforting and inviting for a long, long time.

Tapping into Silver's Natural Antimicrobial Powers

Silver has been revered for its protective powers since ancient times and continues today.

The antimicrobial power comes from 100% pure silver nanoparticles that bind at the molecular level for continuous, permanent protection. These silver nanoparticles emilt silver ions that deactivate bacteria on contact. Silver ions have been proven effective against more than 600 kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi. In lab tests, Silver kills 99.9% of common bacteria. Silver's natural oligodynamic biocidal action makes it highly unlikely that microbial resistance to silver will ever develop.

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